Tonislav Hristov

Tonislav Hristov, « Love & Engineering »Tonislav Hristov (born 1978) is a Bulgarian-born film director living in Finland. He has directed several tv-programs for YLE on emigrants living in Finland. His first documentary feature film, Rules of Single Life, was screened at DocPoint in 2011 and selected as the best documentary film in Sofia International Film Festival in 2011. Hristov’s film Love & Engineering (2014) is a documentary about the algorithm of love, launched by a bunch of engineers in a hope of finding true love or at least pairing fast. The film was the opening film of DocPoint 2014.

DocPoint is screening Hristov’s most recent film Once Upon a Dream which depicts the quiet life in Tabernas, Spain, which served earlier as a set for many western movies. The times of grandeur as the filming location for spaghetti westerns are over, but new production makes the dream feel revived again.

Once Upon a Dream (2015)
Love & engineering – rakkauden insinöörit (2014)
Soul Food Stories (2013)
Sinkkuelämän säännöt (2011)
Family Forune (2009)
Hercules (2005)