Priit Tender

Priit Tender_ohjaaja_Journey to the Maggot FeederPriit Tender (born 1971) is an Estonian animator: the director, designer and writer of many short animated films. His author films are driven by surreal imagery, black humor and dark existential journeys. Priit’s films have won prizes and nominations from the most important short and animation film festivals, including Annecy, Ottawa, Hiroshima and Dresden.

The myth behind his latest animation film The Maggot Feeder (2012) was so fascinating that Tender decided to make a documentary about it. Journey to the Maggot Feeder is an exciting anthropological road movie about the journey to the heart of the myth.

Priit Tender in Helsinki 27th – 28th January.

Gravitation (1996)
The Crow and the Mice (1998)
Viola (1999)
Mont Blanc (2001)
Fox Woman (2002)
Frank ja Wendy (2003-2005)
Miriam Plays Hide and Seek (2005)
Message For the Neighbours (2006)
A Vegetated Director (2007)
Miriam’s Theatre (2007)
Kitchen Dimensions (2008)
Mirjam’s Broken Picture (2008)
Mirjam’s Green Spots (2012)
The Maggot Feeder (2012)
Journey to the Maggot Feeder (2015)