Nima Sarvestani

Director Nima Sarvestani_Photo_NimafilmNima Sarvestani (b. 1958) worked as a journalist in Iran for several years reporting on social and political issues. He moved to Sweden in 1984 and began directing and producing documentary films. He founded the production company Nima Film Productions in 1987, which has produced films that explore unique global issues through personal life stories.

Sarvestani’s films often focus on sociopolitical topics and subjects related to the Middle Eastern countries. He has produced several documentaries about people in harsh environments, people with unique lifestyles, and those fighting for their rights.
DocPoint shows Sarvestani’s latest film Those Who Said No, which he dedicated to his brother, executed in Iran in 1988.

Nima Sarvestani in Helsinki 30th January – 1st February.


Those Who Said No (2014)
No Burqas Behind Bars (2012)
I Was Worth 50 Sheep (2011)
On The Border Of Desperation (2008)
Iranian Kidney Bargain Sale (2006)
Naked And Wind (2004)
Dead Mans Guest (2001)
Masoud (1998)
The Viscous Circle (1995)
The Sharp Pencil (1995)
Shame (1993)
Leverage (1992)