Mari Soppela

Mari Soppela_ohjaaja_Kuka piru pimeässä näkeeMari Soppela (born 1966) studied videophotography in Oulu, Finland and computer graphics in Netherlands. She gained an MA in Computing in Design at Middlesex University. The director has now lived with her family for years in Amsterdam.

Soppela’s first documentary film Family Files (2002) was awarded at Tampere Film Festival. Later two scenes had to be cut from the film by district court’s finding and now DocPoint is screening the new cut of the film (2012). Soppela’s new documentary Who the Devil Can See in the Dark continues the same theme as the Family Files. Now Soppela is looking after her grandfather, a German soldier, whose real name has finally been revealed.

Mari Soppela is in Helsinki 27th January – 8th March.

Family Files (2002)
Home Recordings (2008)
Who the Devil Can See in the Dark (2014)