Jos de Putter

Jos de Putter_ohjaaja_See No Evil_K_AJDraismaJos de Putter (born 1959) is a dutch filmmaker, whose documentaries have been triumphant at festivals all over the world since his first film It’s been a lovely day (1993). His second documentary Solo, the Law of the Favela (1994) won the Joris Ivens price at the world greatest documentary film festival IDFA. De Putter isn’t a one subject man and he travels after his topics around the world: ”I want to reinvent myself all the time.”

DocPoint is screening de Putter’s latest feature length documentary See No Evil (2014) which is poetic film about how humans are beasts to our closest relatives, apes.

Jos de Putter in Helsinki 27.1.-29.1.

It’s been a lovely day (1993)
Solo, the Law of the Favela (1994)
Nagasaki Stories (1996)
The Making of a New Empire (1999)
Zikr (1999)
Nor His Donkey (2002)
Dans, Grozny dans (2002)
Brooklyn Stories (2003)
Alias Kurban Saïd (2004)
How Many Roads (2006)
Before the Flood (2006)
In Memoriam Aleksander Litvinenko (2007)
Passers-by (2008)
Beyond the Game (2008)
See No Evil (2014)

Update on 27th Jan: Jos de Putter has unfortunately cancelled his visit to the festival. The Q&A on Tuesday 27th screening of See no Evil has also been cancelled.