Anthony Baxter

Anthony Baxter_ohjaaja_Dangerous GameAnthony Baxter is a Scottish documentarist and journalist. After 15 years of working as a journalist for the BBC, ITN and other broadcasters, Baxter directed his first documentary You’ve Been Trumped (2011). The film has been screened at DocPoint festival in 2012.

You’ve Been Trumped got started when Donald Trump the tycoon decided to build a new golf resort in Scotland. The place happened to be one of the Europe’s last remaining coastal wilderness areas and the locals started to protest. Baxter who was filming the process was arrested.

This year DocPoint is screening Dangerous Game which is an independent sequel for Baxter’s first film. This time, the director gets some answers from Trump himself.

Anthony Baxter in Helsinki 29th January – 1st February

You’ve Been Trumped (2011)
Dangerous Game (2014)