Anja Salomonowitz

Anja Salomononovitz_ohjaaja_727 Days without Karamo_Kuva Pinja Valja_webAnja Salomonowitz is a Vienna-based film-maker. She studied Film in Vienna and Berlin.

In her films, she has developed a visual language that combines elements of documentary film making, classical narrative and demands on behalf of political and social circumstances. You Will Never Understand This (2003), It Happened Just Before (2006) and The 727 Days Without Karamo (2013) have gained international recognition and won numerous film awards; they have also been mentioned in literature on documentary filmmaking. Spain in 2012 is Anja Salomonowitz’ first feature film. Her films were premiered at the International Forum of Young Cinema at the Berlinale and are shown at film festivals around the world.

Photograph: Pinja Valja

Anja Salomonowitz in Helsinki 27th – 29th January


The 727 Days without Karamo (2013)
Spain (2012)
It Happened Just Before (2006)
You Will Never Understand This (2003)
Carmen (2000)