Audience-votes and awards

An important part of DocPoint are the audience-votes and awards handed by DocPoint to professionals who have distinguished themselves in the field of documentary film making. Every year the festival hands an Aho & Soldan Award or an Apollo Award. From 2014 on, the audience has had a change to vote for their favourite from the New Finnish Documentary Films series. In 2015 we also organize a vote together with Finnish National Broadcasting Company, Yle. The winner-film will be shown in television after the festival.

Film-goer favourite: Pick your choice from DocPoint’s New Finnish Films programme!

The film-goers gets once again to pick their favorite out of the films in the DocPoint New Finnish Films programme. During the festival week, the audience gets to cast their vote at selected screenings of films in the Finnish Films section. Nominees include 11 films in total. The winning film will be revealed on Sunday February 1st at 8 pm in the award gala (free entrance). In 2014, the filmgoer favorite winner was Tonislav Hristov’s hilarious comedy Love & Engineering.

From You to Yle: Vote a film to television!

Why leave the documentaries to the cinema, when Yle brings them for the whole nation to see? Did you note a documentary in our programme that your cousin somewhere in Northern Finland should absolutely see? From You to Yle is an audience competition, where You as the viewer get to vote for your favorite nominee, and make a difference to which DocPoint film Yle will screen on one of their national channels during the Spring 2015.

Vote for your favourite here.

The films included in the competition are:

See No Evil
My Name Is Salt
Walking Under Water
Ne me quitte pas
Bronx Obama
We Were Rebels
The Dog

Aho & Soldan Award:

The Aho&Soldan Lifetime Achievement Award has been granted since the first DocPoint festival in 2002. The criteria for receiving the award are significant efforts in developing creative Finnish documentary film making, as well as a long and outstanding career as a documentary film director.

Aho & Soldan Awards:

2014: Kanerva Cederström
2011: Pekka Lehto
2010: Kiti Luostarinen
2005: Peter von Bagh
2004: Pirjo Honkasalo
2003: Lasse Naukkarinen
2002: Markku Lehmuskallio

Apollo Award:

The Apollo Award is given out to an individual or organisation that has significantly promoted Finnish documentary film and has distinguished themselves in the field of documentary film making. The award is named after Ateljee Apollo, the first notable documentary film production company in Finland, founded in 1904. The award was established in 2006, in honour of the festival’s 5th annniversary, and it is handed out in alternation with the Aho & Soldan Lifetime Achievement Award.

Apollo Awards:

2015: Reijo Nikkilä
2013: Tuula Mehtonen
2012: Iikka Vehkalahti
2009: Epidem Production Company
2008: Jörn Donner
2007: Ilkka Kippola
2006: Jarmo Jääskeläinen